So summer is here and people get really busy!!!

Getting Ready For Summer

Everyone is getting things ready. You’re doing yard work, opening up the pool, going up to the cottage.
There are trips to the zoo, beach, etc. You also get last minute guests showing up to spend the afternoon and possibly stay for dinner.
Why not spend some extra time on your shopping day to make your summer more convenient and enjoyable?

Getting Ready For Summer

(Pictured are Chicken Souvlaki, BBQ Sauce and Honey Garlic Sauce)

Yes the grocery store have convenience  items, but usually people with allergies can’t take advantage of them. If you can, then the stores make them much more expensive and full of sodium or other chemicals.

Instead, make your own.

After coming home from the grocery store with all of your meat, spend some time preparing it before freezing it.
Say there were boneless chicken breasts or pork loin on sale; why not make a simple Souvlaki Marinade;


Cut up your meat into cubes; put your meat into meal size zippered bags along with your marinade, mark it and freeze it. Make up a few packages and you’re set to make chicken or pork souvlaki meat sticks easily.

You can even put your meat and veggies in the same grill pan and skip the threading onto skewers.

If steak happens to be on sale; make up a Beef Marinade; put your meat into meal size zippered bags along with your marinade, mark it and freeze it.




Simple Beef Marinade

Another thing that I have been playing with is my Ranch Dressing. I really enjoy eating it as a dip and dressing on salads.  One downfall can be that it only lasts for about three days in the fridge. So I have made some, put them in small containers, and frozen them. I was so happy when I defrosted and tried them. Still great for a dip with veggies or on a salad. Just give a little stir and your may need to add a tiny amount of water. I would only freeze it for up to one month.

As well, you can make Honey Garlic Sauce and BBQ Sauce and freeze them in small zippered bags or small containers. That way you always have some stocked up. How about a good size batch of Vinaigrette Dressing on hand, to round out your meal?

So there are some other ways to be ready for summer.
If you do some prep work, then you can enjoy your busier days without worrying about whats for dinner!


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