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Stewed Rhubarb (Paleo/ Vegan/ Dairy Free/ Gluten Free)

Spring and summer in Canada means fresh rhubarb!! I am beginning to understand that many people in the U.S. have never tried rhubarb. Here in Canada it is a staple! As I have said before, if you have tried it you either love it or hate it! As you know, I love it! As a child,  I would eat rhubarb raw dipped in sugar. I am no longer that adventurous. Stewed Rhubarb

As I grew up I remember my mom always making stewed rhubarb. She would eat it as a topping on toast. Personally, I love it warm or cold right from a bowl! For breakfast or a snack, stewed rhubarb is a Canadian favourite!

Stewed Rhubarb (Paleo/ Vegan/ Dairy Free/ Gluten Free)

5 cups rhubarb-chopped

2 Tbsp. water (if rhubarb is frozen then water is not necessary)

1/2 c. xylitol (or desired sweetener)

1 tsp. vanilla (I use mine)

In a medium size pot, put rhubarb and water on medium heat. Bring to a boil, then lower to medium low. Stir often. Cook for approximately 15 minutes or until rhubarb is cooked through. Remove from heat and add sweetener and vanilla.

Stewed Rhubarb

Enjoy warm or cold. Store in a sealed container in the fridge for up to 5 days.

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One Ingredient Cashew Butter (Paleo/ Gluten Free/ Refined Sugar Free)

So, as I said before, I was going to share recipes of some of my basics that I’ve been making for quite a while. This is one of them, homemade cashew butter. There is only one ingredient… Can you guess what it is? Of course, it’s raw cashews!

Many other commercially made cashew and other nut butter have many ingredients. If you make your own then you decide what goes in. For me, I only use cashews. I always use up my cashew butter within one month, so I know it lasts that long. I’m not sure how much longer.

Homemade Cashew Butter

One Ingredient Cashew Butter (Paleo/ Gluten Free/ Refined Sugar Free)

2 cups raw cashews

Pulse cashews in a food processor. Every 30 seconds to a minute stop and scrap down the sides. It will seem like forever, but within about 10-12 minutes you will have nice creamy cashew butter. If you’d like your cashew butter a little thinner then add 1 teaspoon at a time of a neutral tasting oil, blending thoroughly.

Homemade Cashew Butter

Store in glass jar. Makes one cup.


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How To Make Your Own Vanilla- Two Ways

Many years ago I bought artificial vanilla. It really didn’t matter to me. I started really reading packaging labels about fifteen years ago. That’s when I started using only real pure vanilla. I really didn’t want all those chemicals in my foods. I thought I had been doing the right thing by baking my own treats, but yet I was adding in other chemicals by using artificial vanilla.

The cost of pure vanilla seems to keep climbing. So about a year ago I started making my own. I now have four bottles so that I can always have batches brewing while I using the other bottles. I like using the vegetable glycerin vanilla for dishes that I would not like to add the darker colour to. Believe me if you scrap the vanilla bean instead of just slicing into it and add it to the vegetable glycerin, it will be the normal brown colour.

I enjoy using both my vanillas! You can decide which one you like best!

How To Make Your Own Vanilla- Two Ways

How To Make Your Own Vanilla

vanilla beans

gluten free vodka or vegetable glycerin

Slice three vanilla beans lengthwise. Place into tall glass jar. Add in 1 cup of vodka or vegetable glycerin. Let sit in the cupboard for 2 months. Then its ready to use.



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Salted Chocolate Bark (Paleo/ Vegan/ Dairy Free/ Gluten Free/ Nut Free)

The holidays are coming and with it comes sweet treats! People drop by unexpectedly all throughout December. Some people even bring some type of gift that you were definitely not expecting. As the season winds up, I like to have a variety of sweets that I can not only feed my guests, but also have little gifts on hand. This wonderful bark is not only super easy to make, but it is also absolutely delicious!

You can also wrap some into small cellophane packages and top with a pretty bow to hand out as gifts.

Salted Dark Chocolate Bark


Salted Dark Chocolate Bark (Paleo/ Vegan/ Dairy Free/ Gluten Free/ Nut Free)

2 c. dairy free dark chocolate

2/3 c. seeds, dried fruit or chopped nuts(if nuts are allowed)

coarse sea salt

Salted Dark Chocolate Bark


Melt chocolate in a double boiler (a metal bowl that fits over a pot works fine). Pour melted chocolate onto a parchment paper lined baking tray. Top with seeds or nuts, then sea salt. Put into the fridge to harden. Break into pieces. Store in the fridge or freezer in a covered container.


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Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk (Paleo/ Vegan/ Dairy Free/ Refined Sugar Free)

Hmm, I needed sweetened condensed milk to make my Paleo Magic Bars. I know that I will now use this recipe for many other recipes, but they are the first… Enjoy!

Dairy Free Sweetened Condensed Milk

Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk (Paleo/ Vegan/ Dairy Free/ Refined Sugar Free)

1-400 ml. can of coconut milk (I’ve used various strengths of fat content with the same results)

1/2 c. maple syrup (or raw honey if not vegan)

2 tsp. vanilla

In a small  sauce pan, stir together coconut milk and maple syrup. Put on medium heat and bring to a rolling boil, stirring frequently. Turn down to medium low and stir frequently. Keep on a low boil for 20-30 minutes. Milk will start to thicken, then remove from heat and stir in vanilla.  Let cool and use for whatever recipe calls for sweetened condensed milk. After cooling can be stored in the refrigerator in a covered container for up to five days.

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Simple 3 Ingredient Strawberry Jam (Paleo/ Vegan/ No-Cook/ Gluten Free/ Raw/ Refined Sugar Free)

Strawberry season is coming very soon! Yay!! I love strawberries. I used to spend so much time at the pick-your-own farms. Between my daughter and myself, I’m sure that we ate far more strawberries right there in the fields than we brought home.

I used to also spend hours cooking my strawberry jam. June/July when strawberries are in season, is not the best time to be standing over a hot stove cooking jam.

This recipe is just way too easy! It can be done with fresh or frozen strawberries. It can also be done in larger batches and frozen. Either way, there is no more standing over the stove on a hot summer day!! It leaves far more time for enjoying the beautiful weather!

3-Ingredient Strawberry Jam


Simple 3 Ingredient Strawberry Jam (Paleo/ Vegan/ Gluten Free/ Raw/ Refined Sugar Free)

1 c. strawberries- washed and hulled (fresh or frozen**)

1 Tbsp. chia seeds

1-2 Tbsp. maple syrup or raw honey if not vegan

Place all ingredients in a food processor or blender. Pulse until you get your desired texture. Pour into a jar and keep in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

** If using frozen strawberries you will want to let them sit out of the freezer for about ten minutes.

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Pumpkin Pie Spice

To me, the cooler air, leaves falling and the smell of cinnamon cooking says fall. Better than just cinnamon is Pumpkin Pie Spice. The mixture of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves and allspice mixed into anything pumpkin is delicious! Just sprinkle it into your coffee for a festive feel.

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Pumpkin Pie Spice

4 Tbsp. ground cinnamon

1 Tbsp. ground ginger

1 Tbsp. ground nutmeg

2 tsp. ground allspice

2 tsp. ground cloves

PumpkinPie Spice

Mix together and keep in a sealed bag or covered jar for up to 6 months.

Raw Red Pepper Soup (Vegan/ Dairy Free/ Paleo)

UPDATE: recently I had been fighting a bad sinus infection and wasn’t exactly in the mood for eating. So I made up a big batch of this soup and I added ground flax for bulk to help fill me up. It’s great! You can use ground chia seeds instead if you can’t have flax. I’ve added it into the recipe.

Months ago a friend of mine and I went to a new cafe for a visit. I noticed that they had raw soup on the menu. I was intrigued. I asked and found out that it was a warm soup(I didn’t know for sure) and I could eat all the ingredients in it. I was so pleasantly surprised. It was a delicious, tasty smooth soup.

This summer I have been playing with mine own version. I have gotten to the point that I actually like mine better than the original cafe version. Just for one, this recipe can easily be doubled to share.

Raw Red-Pepper Soup For One


Raw Red Pepper Soup (Vegan/ Dairy Free/ Paleo)

1/2 c. tomato

1/2 c. red pepper

1 Tbsp. red or white onion

1 clove garlic

1 tsp. coconut oil

1 tsp. raw apple cider vinegar

1 Tbsp. ground flax or chia (optional)

1/2 c. boiling water

sea salt and pepper to taste

Put tomato. red pepper, onion, garlic, oil, and apple cider vinegar into blender or ninja. Pulse until mostly smooth. Add boiling water and pulse until smooth. You can strain if desired. I leave in the seeds for extra fiber. Drink immediately. Serves one.

When veggies are fresh and in season, I like to make up packages to freeze and make when I’d like a quick soup. Just make individual packages with tomato, red pepper, onion and garlic and freeze. Just defrost when you’d like soup and add the extra ingredients and follow directions as above.

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Baked Sweet Potato Chips (Paleo/ Gluten Free/ Vegan)

I don’t know about you but I am just not as happy with some commercially made products anymore. I am guessing it’s because I am making most of my own foods. It may also be all that I am far more aware of labels. I really don’t want to put that many chemicals and preservatives into my body. Enough of my rant…

Some times I want a snack. Okay let’s be honest, I want a snack every day. I just change my mind all the time as to what I want the snack of the day to be. Lately I have be obsessed with sweet potatoes!! I eat them roasted, mashed with apples, in lasagna(yes you will get that recipe at some point, in soups  and I even eat them in my icings here and here. So why not have them as chips? Or even as the base for nachos? As I said, I have been obsessed with sweet potatoes lately!

Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Baked Sweet Potato Chips (Paleo/ Vegan/ Gluten Free)

1 medium sized sweet potato

2 tsp. olive oil

sea salt

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Line two baking sheets with parchment paper. Wash sweet potato then thinly slice (I use my mandolin) Either toss sweet potato slices in olive oil or spray each side. I use my olive oil spray pump.

Sweet Potato Chips

Place slices onto parchment paper being careful not to over lap. Sprinkle with sea salt. Bake for 15 minutes. Take pans out, flipping over potatoes and alternating pans top rack to bottom.

Bake for 15-20 more minutes. Watch chips carefully in the last ten minutes. As some of the chips start to brown I remove them individually (or else those ones will burn). When all chips are done, remove from oven and let sit for 2-5 minutes to crisp up.

I only make these as I want them, or for up to two days. Store in a sealed container.  They tend to go soggy if you let them sit too long.

Taco Seasoning (Gluten Free)

Are you tired of sodium and gluten filled mixes? Half the ingredients you can’t even pronounce. It can can very frustrating! I have been making my own homemade mixes for years. Like my “Shake and Bake” Chicken mix as well as my “Hamburger Helper” mix.

I haven’t posted too many of my mixes because I frankly hadn’t thought about it until I received an email asking for some. I will continue to add my convenience foods to my growing list of recipes. I hope you enjoy my gluten free, sodium reduced, chemical free Taco Seasoning.

Gluten Free Taco Seasoning

Taco Seasoning (Gluten Free)

2 tsp. ground cumin

1 tsp. mustard powder

1 tsp. garlic powder

1 tsp. onion powder

1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper (more if desired)

1/2 tsp. chili pepper flakes

1/2 tsp. sea salt (or salt and pepper to taste)

1/2 pepper

Mix all ingredients together and add to one pound of browned ground meat along with 1/2 cup water. Cook until water is absorbed.



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