May is Celiac Awareness Month. Catelli® Gluten Free Pasta has been, as voted by consumers, a 2015 Best New Product Award winner. 

In celebration Catelli put out a challenge to Canadian food bloggers to come up with an “Out of the Box” type of recipe to be made with their pasta. I think that this recipe is completely out of the box and different. No one would ever think that there is puree pasta in this delicious fudge brownie recipe. Believe me, of all my various taste testers, no one thought there was pasta in them.

Double Fudge Brownies-Gluten Free

I love using Catelli Gluten Free Pasta because it tastes the closest to regular pasta, out of all the pastas that  I have tried.

In addition to the bloggers challenge, you as consumers, can create and post your own original gluten free pasta recipe on Catelli’s Facebook page, and provide you with a link so you can access a discount product coupon here. A separate Gluten Free Pastabilities Challenge will be held for the public from May 4-31, 2015, and the three people whose recipes get selected and have the highest number of likes on Catelli’s Facebook page will receive a year’s supply of gluten free pasta, courtesy of Catelli.

Double Chocolate Fudge Brownies (Vegan/ Gluten Free/ Dairy Free/ Refined Sugar Free)

1 c. uncooked Gluten Free Catelli Penne Pasta

1- 540 g. (19 oz.) can black beans (rinsed and drained)

3/4 c. coconut palm sugar (or desired granular sugar)

1/2 c. cocoa or raw cacao

1/2 c. unsweetened apple sauce

1/4 c. coconut oil (or butter if not vegan or dairy free)

2 tsp. gluten free vanilla extract

1 tsp. gluten free baking powder

1/4 ts. sea salt

1 c. dairy free semi sweet chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Cook pasta according to Catelli’s manufactures instructions.

Drain and put cooked pasta into food processor. Add in remaining ingredients, except chocolate chips. Pulse the ingredients in food processor until smooth.

Add in 1/2 cup of chocolate chips and pulse until just blended in.

Pour batter in a 9′ X 9″ baking pan that is lined with parchment paper.

Top with remaining chocolate chips.

For fudge like texture bake for 30-32 minutes or until sides of brownie just start to crack. If you like more firm brownies, bake an additional 5 minutes.

Catelli-Double Chocolate Fudge Browmies

Let cool completely, until chocolate chips are no longer melted. Cut into 16 squares. Freezes well.

About Catelli® Gluten Free pasta

 ·                     Made from a unique four-grain blend of white rice, brown rice, corn and quinoa.

 ·                     Available in Spaghetti, Fusilli, Penne and Macaroni (photo attached).

 ·                     Delicious taste, smooth texture.

 ·                     Voted the Best New Gluten Free Pasta by Consumers.*

 ·                     Rated extremely high** by consumers in blind taste tests for taste, texture, colour and appearance.

 ·                     Produced in a dedicated gluten free facility.

 ·                     Certified by the Canadian Celiac Association’s Gluten-Free Certification Program.

 ·                     Made with ingredients that are declared GMO free: white rice flour, brown rice flour, corn flour, quinoa flour, monoglycerides (from vegetable/palm oil).

 ·                     310 calories, 2 grams of fat per serving (85 g) of pasta.

 ·                     Low in sodium (0 mg), source of fibre (3 g) per serving (85 g) of pasta.

 ·                     Cholesterol and preservative free.

 ·                     Easy to digest, with the great taste and texture of regular pasta.

 ·                     Available at all major retailers across Canada, in the pasta aisle.

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30 comments on “Double Chocolate Fudge Brownies (Vegan/ Gluten Free/ Dairy Free/ Refined Sugar Free)”

  1. Oh my goodness! I have to try these sometime, they look amazing! You’re right about the puréed pasta, it is different, but sounds very interesting. Thank you for sharing, I came across you on the mix it up monday link party : )

    Kathryn | Nimble Note

  2. This recipe is so exciting!!! I am gluten free and I yearn for some gluten some days! Sweets and a real beer are the two biggies. I love brownies with ice cream and hot fudge, this is so going to get baked!!! I also love that there is no extra flour in this recipe, for some reason gluten free baked goods still bother me, there must be something else that irritates. Not sure what it is. This is so perfect! Pinning so I can pull it up later! Thanks!

    • I hope you love them as much as everyone else who has tried them!! Mmm with ice cream and hot fudge? Yep, that’s coming up soon. 🙂

  3. Pasta? That’s amazing, I love when out of the ordinary food is in desserts…way to go and come up with something so creative! I have plenty of Celiac pals who will appreciate this dessert!



    • Believe me, more than just your celiac friends will love these. None of the people who tried them for are gluten free. Everyone loved them! Just don’t tell them what’s inside ahead of time. Lol

  4. I went through a black bean brownie stage, they go so fudgey. I follow GAPS these days so black beans are out 🙁 these look great! #TastyTuesdays

  5. Wow I’d never think of using gluten free pasta or black beans but these look amazing. I am determined to cut out sugar now after feeling rubbish from too much so will be bookmarking. Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays x

  6. I’ve used black beans before to make brownies, but would have never thought of pureeing pasta! That’s definitely unique and sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing it on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday, Sandi, I’ve pinned it 🙂

  7. Wow – these brownies sound amazing! I can’t believe they have some whole grains & protein snuck into them by way of noodles & beans. So unique! And amazing pictures as always =)

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