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Make The Foods You Used To Love Easily Accessible Again!!!

You work all week and want simple meals, but you have food allergies so everything has to be complicated right? No it doesn’t!!!
Gluten Free Hamburger Bun
Have burgers one night…

One thing that I realized after my food allergies were diagnosed, was that I just wanted to eat the same normal foods I was used to eating. I didn’t want to have to eat strange foods when everyone else was eating burgers, nachos, pizza or many other things. So I have tried to adapt my food limitations to the foods that I wanted to eat.

I make salsa from the left over tomato slices and onions from the burgers
and made cashew cream for the sour cream.

Salsa and Cashew Cream
Made my Nachos… Very  yummy!!


So although I do have some foods that I had never even heard of before( like quinoa), I’ve stuck close to my standard comfort foods.  When I first found out about all the foods I couldn’t eat, I had panic attacks. Its a hard blow to tell someone who has always eaten certain foods, that they can’t have them anymore.
As I have written before I love to cook and I definitely love to eat, so I learned to adapt.

Cauliflower Crust Pizza is amazing!!

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

An easy night used to be going out for say pizza,nachos or burgers. So make it easy again. Make pizza crusts and freeze them for a quick dinner. Take them out and top them how you’d like. Either make hamburgers ahead of time and have them in the freezer, or buy a brand that will work for you. I enjoy Kirkland brand from Costco as well as their Deli Cart Sausages. You can also go straight to your butcher and order some that are gluten free. Cook up a few pounds of ground beef or chicken, season it for tacos and freeze it in individual packages. If you’re making Shepherd’s Pie, why not make two or three, and freeze the extra. Same with spaghetti sauce, chili, soup; I always double the recipe and freeze the extra. Why not try cabbage rolls or sloppy joes.

So just because you’re limited in the choices of foods that you can eat, it doesn’t mean that you no longer have easy nights or that all of your meals have to be stressful. You can make mealtime and food enjoyable again!

Don’t think about the foods you can’t eat. Just think about ways you can make the foods that you used to eat work for you!

What To Do When You Find Out You Have Food Allergies

Getting Started When You Have Food Allergies

I have had countless emails and Facebook messages asking how to get started, etc. I have replied to  them, but I’m guessing there are more people wondering how to get started. You can read “Welcome To My World”, to see my first post.  If you already know what you are doing when it comes to being gluten or allergy free, just ignore this post… I’ll have a new recipe on in a couple days.

Here is the starting program:

  • All my recipes can be substituted with regular milk and regular sugar if you are only gluten free. You can also use regular vinegars and oils.
  • Gluten is basically the “glue” that holds regular flour together. Take out the gluten and you need another glue to keep baked goods from crumbing. That is why you will need xanthan gum. It is available in packages in health food stores and in the Bulk Barn.
  • There are pre-made gluten free flour mixes out there. They are available at health food stores, the Bulk Barn, and major grocery stores.
  • To make my gluten free flour mix, I get my flours in bulk at the Bulk Barn. They would also be available in health food stores as well as bigger grocery stores. I mix a big batch together and store it in a
    • plastic container so that I always have some ready when I want to bake.
    • I use coconut palm sugar. I buy also buy it in bulk at the Bulk Barn. You can use regular white or brown sugar in its place if you are not concerned about sugar.
    • I usually buy quinoa at Costco, but it is also available at the Bulk Barn and grocery stores, but its much more expensive.
    • Crackers  that I like (Mary’s Organic and CrunchMaster)  I buy at Costco. Other pre-made products are now readily available at most bigger grocery stores.
    • There are corn tortillas that are very inexpensive and there are also brown rice tortillas available in the specialty freezer section at bigger grocery stores.
    • I bake quite a bit, and make sure that I always have goodies and muffins in the freezer for lunches and snacks. It makes my life easier to know exactly what is in a product instead of worrying about the ingredient labels. My shopping trips took me hours at the beginning.
      • There is rice, corn and buckwheat pasta available but much of the time I use alternatives as well such as, spaghetti squash and zucchini ribbons.. I also go into the oriental section of the store and get their rice noodles. Its still  made from rice and is gluten free but is less expensive and tastes better than rice pasta. Be creative.
      • Regular soy sauce has wheat in it. Bragg’s soy sauce is gluten free.
      • If you can’t have soy at all you can use Coconut Aminos.(Still gives a stir fry a salty flavour)
      Having food allergies takes more planning. There are many alternatives to eat without completely giving up the old foods you were used to, just by changing things a little bit. Don’t panic or get too overwhelmed.
      I hope this helped. If you have more questions please either leave me a comment or send me a private message.
      Have a wonderful day!!

Living With Multiple Food Allergies

Starting Out:

I have had environmental allergies all my life.  In the spring of 2010 I ended up with a severe asthma attack with the effects lasting more than three weeks. After being put on far too many medications and inhalers to try to control the symptoms, I was beyond exhausted.  A friend sent me to see a wonderful allergy analyst/homeopath, so in the summer of 2010 I found out that I also have food allergies. Some are worse than others.

I avoid wheat/gluten, dairy, refined sugars, and yeast. With the yeast allergy also goes vinegars (other than raw organic apple cider vinegar), as well as cutting my sugars considerably.

At the beginning I had panic attacks wondering what I would be able to eat. Since then I keep studying allergy websites for information and recipes. I have had many recipes that just did not work, but have had much success on others.

The more people I talk to, the more I realize that many people have issues with food. You don’t have to have hives or have your throat swelling to know you can’t eat a food. Whether it’s called an allergy or intolerance, if eating a certain trigger food gives you a negative reaction you may want to avoid it.

Since avoiding my trigger foods I have felt considerably better. My asthma is much better, I have far more energy, no more taking tums, my blood work that was keeping me close to needing medication is now completely normal, and the migraines I had constantly are gone.

I love to cook and love to eat and many people keep asking me for my recipes. That is why I have decided to post them. I have gone on many, many wonderful websites for recipes. Some I have just made up myself.  So I’ll post and give everyone the info I have found…

I hope that you enjoy my recipes! Just know that there are many more people these days that can not eat certain foods. You are not alone!

Have a great day!!

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