Happy April showers! Well they are better than snow and April showers are supposed to bring May flowers. Right? Well I sure hope so! Even though this winter was no where near as harsh as some other winter, the cold dreary weather has sure been hanging on. My poor crocuses keep dying off before of the layers of snow. Oh well… Hopefully spring is finally in the air!

Alright I’m done complaining! Years ago I would buy many different types of spice mixes. Unfortunately, many of them either have gluten or yeast in the them or are filled with sodium. Now I make pretty much all my own spice mixes. Here is my taco seasoning. Yes I will continue to share more as time goes on.  After your mixes are made it is very easy to go into your cupboard and grab them, just as you would with the commercial varieties.

3 Onion Spice Mix

3 Onion Spice Mix (Gluten Free/ Sodium Free)

1/3 c. dry minced onion

1/3 c. onion powder

1/3 c. dried chives

Mix all your spices together in a bowl. Store in a jar or sealed bag for up to six months.

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2 comments on “3 Onion Spice Mix (Gluten Free/ Sodium Free)”

  1. What a great idea making all of your own mixes! I’ll check out the taco mix.
    This mix sounds good. I think I might try it mixed with olive oil and then spread over potatoes and then baked. Yum!

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